How to submit a job listing

To submit a job listing, please visit and select a job package. When you’ve selected a job package, you’ll be automatically to redirected to the job submission form.

How to login to your account

To login to your account, go to and login using your email or username and password. There is also a link in the main menu to login to your account. If you’re already logged in, there’s a “My Account” link in the main menu.

How to reset your password

If you’ve lost your password, go to and enter your username or email address. You’ll receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

How to edit a job listing

To edit a job listing, go to and click the edit button on the job listing you’d like to change.

How to manage your job listings

To manage your job listings, go to and select from the options to edit, marked filled, duplicate and delete your job listings.

How to delete a job listing

To delete a job listing, go to and click the delete button on the job(s) you’d like to delete.

How to mark a job listing as position filled

To mark a job listing as position filled, go to and click the Mark Filled button on the appropriate job listing.

How to view job listing applications

You will receive job applications directly to the email address you chose for applications when submitting the job listing. Please check your spam folder to ensure applications haven’t been sent to spam. If you do find an application in your spam folder, move it to your inbox so future applications aren’t sent to spam.

How to promote a job listing

To promote your job listing, we recommend posting your job listing on your company social media accounts. We also highly recommend to sharing your job listings in local Facebook groups. Jobs are usually popular in local community Facebook groups. There are also Facebook groups specially for jobs and sale/swap type groups usually accept job listings.